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Resources and Links for Surviving Infidelity or Extramarital Affairs

Best-selling Books, Ebooks - Forums - Message Boards - Chats - Counseling - Free Articles - Continued Contact and Affair Discovery Tools - Forgiveness Resources - and more...    

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Infidelity Crisis: How to Gain Forgiveness and Respect After Your Affair  by Katie Coston is a site-sponsored, reader acclaimed ebook that helps the offending marriage partner heal the damage they caused within the relationship -  written by a former betrayed spouse, it covers the emotional side of affair discovery.  Instant access pdf - nominal fee, gifted downloads available.  

Infidelity: A Survival Guide by Don-David Lusterman, Phd gets excellent reader reviews from both the offender and the betrayed.  According to its author, "People often find that once infidelity is discovered and its aftereffects are behind them, their relationship is stronger than before and subsequent infidelity is unlikely."  Paperback - includes information on how to choose a counselor.  

Affairs : A Guide to Working Through the Repercussions of Infidelity by Emily M Brown is an examination of the different types of affairs - why they happened - and custom steps to aid in healing for each affair type.  For both the offender and the betrayed - Hardcover. 

After the Affair: Healing the Pain and Rebuilding Trust When a Partner Has Been Unfaithful  by Janis Spring incorporates her experience in treating distressed couples and explains how both the unfaithful partner and the betrayed spouse can confront their doubts and fears about recommitting, restore trust, renew intimacy and forgive. High reader reviews - Paperback.  (not associated with this site)  

Torn Asunder: Recovering From Extramarital Affairs by Dave Carder and Duncan Jaenicke offers couples hope, healing, and encouragement in the face of adultery - and provides an overall recovery process from both sexual and non-sexual affairs.  Christ centered surviving infidelity resource - Hardcover.  

How to Break Free from the Affair by Dr. Robert Huizenga - How to stop the agony of the affair and get back to your old self and have the greatest chance of saving your marriage. Instant access ebook.

Not "Just Friends": Rebuilding Trust and Recovering Your Sanity After Infidelity  by Shirley P. Glass, a long-time best selling infidelity author.

Affair-Proof Your Marriage: Understanding, Preventing and Surviving an Affair by Lana Staheli

How Can I Forgive You?  by Janis Abrahms Spring, a long-time best selling infidelity author.

Affairs: A Guide to Working Through the Repercussions of Infidelity   by Emily M. Brown

Private Lies: Infidelity and Betrayal of Intimacy by Frank Pittman

Affairs: Is Your Partner Having One?  by Richard Pack Close

Repairing Your Marriage After His Affair: A Woman's guide to Hope and Healing  by Marcella Bakur Weiner and Armand Dimele

Surviving Infidelity: Making Decisions, Recovering from the Pain by Rona Subotnik



Forgive and Forget: Healing the Hurts We Don't Deserve by Lewis B. Smedes is a timeless classic that's often overlooked when searching for infidelity help.  The opening fable will speak volumes to the betrayed spouse - this inexpensive  paperback is a must read.   

Forgiveness Is a Choice: A Step-By-Step Process for Resolving Anger and Restoring Hope (Apa Lifetools)  by Robert D Enright  says that readers must be committed and immerse themselves in the four stages of self-discovery: uncovering anger, deciding to forgive, working on forgiveness, and release and says that  the process of forgiveness is different for each person. A more clinical view - titled under the American Psychological Association's new trade imprint.  Hardcover. 

Radical Forgiveness, Making Room for the Miracle, 2nd Edition  by Colin C Tipping is a spiritual adventure that ends in "radical" freedom - freedom from hate, anger, and resentment.  Excellent reader reviews - Paperback.  

Infidelity Crisis: How to Gain Forgiveness and Respect After Your Affair by Katie Coston is a reader-acclaimed ebook download that helps the offending marriage partner heal the damage they caused within the relationship. Instant access pdf download. 

Free ebook on Forgiveness - Forgiveness Guide



affairrecovery.com - professional online therapy and family friendly counseling with Rick Reynolds.

Dear Peggy - phone consultation and follow-up e-mail with Peggy Vaughan. 

HopeRekindled.com - Christ centered healing - no charge or solicitations.

Katie's Infidelity Blog



When Love Dies - How to save a hopeless marriage by Judy Bodmer is a great read for the betrayed spouse who is having trouble forgiving - and - a great read for the offending marriage partner who thinks "But, I just don't love my husband or wife anymore!"  This is an often overlooked but valuable source of infidelity help.  Christ centered paperback.  

Divorce Remedy: The Proven 7-Step Program for Saving Your Marriage by Michele Weiner Davis shows how typical counseling and communications tactics can backfire. Its author pays special attention to issues of infidelity, depression, midlife crises, and "passion meltdowns," showing how basic relationship skills (like understanding and patience) can reverse even dire marital scenarios. Paperback.  

how to save your marriage alone -  by Dr Ed Wheat  is serious help for troubled marriages, especially for the person whose spouse is seeking a divorce - there are sections in the book which talk about what you should do if your spouse has a lover and contains excerpts from "Love Life for Every Married Couple".   Its author is a Christian counselor, medical doctor, and sex therapist.  Excellent reader reviews - the best marriage investment you'll ever make for under $4.   

Save the Marriage E-book by Lee H. Baucom, M.Div., Th.M., Ph.D. has gotten some rave reviews for this non-traditional and alternative approach - downloadable pdf, instant access.  

Should You Stay or Should You Go by Susie and Otto Collins is a downloadable electronic book  that helps you examine the tough question of whether or not to stay in your present relationship. Comes with a money-back guarantee - instant access pdf.  

1000 Questions for Couples by best selling author Michael Webb helps you discover truths about each other and build a better relationship.  If you watch TV shows such as Oprah or read relationship columns in newspapers, chances are you've heard of him. Instant access pdf format. 

Marriage Builders Forums - offers a variety of articles and forums for separation and divorce support as well as couples in crisis.  Free and open to the public.  

Christianity Today - offers free Christ centered marriage articles.  

Family IQ  This site offers tests and courses designed to "strengthen families one relationship at a time."

Retrouvaille A favored program to help couples heal and renew troubled marriages.


Marriage Today Ministries An excellent Christ-centered resource for reconciliation. Watch full-length videos and order resources.



survivinginfidelity.com - surviving infidelity provides multiple message boards for both the offender and betrayed as well as articles.  Free and open to the public.  

Marriage Builders Forums - a variety of forums for infidelity including rooms for initial discovery and recovery.  Free and open to the public.  

Healing Heart - forums and chat for all stages of affair recovery.  Free and open to the public.  

ivillage boards -  betrayed spouses/recovery support. Free and open to the public.  Also provides chat service.  

ivillage boards -  ending an affair support.  Free and open to the public.  Also provides chat service.  

Face Reality - Infidelity board with various topics. 



911 Infidelity Emergency Kit - Free virtual library with tips on discovery strategies, when to confront your partner - plus many articles on healing and all aspects of infidelity and marriage.  

Psychology Today - free infidelity/affair articles, variety of topics.

survivinginfidelity.com - free articles written by professionals and everyday people.  Variety of topics, including: surviving infidelity, choosing a therapist, reconciliation, sex after an affair, rebuilding trust, signs of a cheat, etc.  

marriagebuilders.com - free articles on such topics as: resentment, what to do when the lover becomes pregnant, fist steps in recovery, ending an affair, etc. 

BAN - free articles for Beyond Affairs Network with Peggy Vaughan 

Katie's Infidelity Blog



911 Infidelity Emergency Kit - Virtual library with tips on discovery strategies, when to confront your partner.  Free. 

Best Selling Software to Catch a Cheating Spouse - Find out if your spouse is continuing to contact the other man or other woman. Keylog pro records computer activity- keystroke, emails, Hotmail, AOL, chat conversations, passwords, screens viewed, etc.  Downloadable, inexpensive, and easy to install. 

Premium Spy/Recording Software - I am Big Brother is the web's premium spy software - records anything that can be recorded on a computer including keystroke, pages viewed online and off, chat conversations, passwords, AOL, Hotmail - even Yahoo.  Downloadable and easy to use. 

Web Detective - for less than $30 you can gain unlimited access to a database that's used by professional investigators for: gaining unlisted phone numbers, reverse cell phone number search, unpublished addresses, credit reports, public records information, criminal records, marriage and divorce records, etc. 

How to Catch a Cheat Ebook - tips and tricks to catch a cheating spouse.  Endorsed by investigation professionals and comes with a money-back guarantee. Instant access, downloadable.  




Surviving infidelity and healing after an extramarital affair is possible.


A Pro-Marriage, Pro-Family, Christian-Friendly Surviving Infidelity Resource

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