How to build a hog wire fence?

small wire fence with flowers
When you are willing to build a barrier around your property, then there are so many options are available and you can pick the best based on your wish.

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First of all, you need to consider what the main purpose of using fencing is and then you need to choose the right materials for your job. Generally, the hog wire panels are widely used for gates, fences and trellises.

Over the decades, these hog wire trellises have been invented by many landscape designers and homeowners. It is an affordable choice of landscaping item that brings low budget solution for managing the broader view, especially it safe guard from the wild animals. The hog wire trellises are also called as livestock or cattle panels.

They are usually made up of steel rods that can be finely welded at each galvanized and intersection by using zincs coating. Even many of the livestock and feed supply companies are providing the different styles with the various rod gauges. If you look for a long lasting fence, you just want a heavy gauge.

How much wire do I need?

When it comes to building a hog wire fence, first of all you should concern about the exact measurement of your garden. The 4 foot long hog wire panels are an ordinary size to use that comes in sixteen foot lengths.

Along wire fence in the garden

Usually, these are cut into half to create eight foot sections. Even the local landscape supplier should recommend using four by four inch pressure indulgence fir for posts.

The rails or stringers at the top and base of fence can be two by four inch pressure treated redwood or fir. In this case, you can either clip the hog panels for posts or insert the panels between one by one inch pieces of redwood to hide the wire ends.

Today, many of the house owners are concerned about keeping animals out of gardens, so they frequently add two by two inch kickboard at the bottom for creating the entire fence 6 feet high. In order to keep animal out, you just need this fence. However, one of the best things about the hog wire fence is acting as a trellis.

If you want to grow plants well on hog wire such as potato vine, jasmine, hardenbergia, clematis and many more. The cost of growing plant on a hog wire fence is really very inexpensive that costs around less than a solid cedar fence.

Advantages of wire fence

  • Highly strong and durable
  • Very simple and easy to install
  • Very cheap lesser than a wood fence
  • Very flexible- can bend
  • Preserves the look
  • Keeps out larger animals such as deer and dogs

Disadvantages of wire fence

  • Does not give privacy
  • Does not daunt the smaller pests
  • Edges can be very sharp that must be enclosed with trim


When you are looking for the best fence to repel deer to your garden, you just find the right landscaping hog wire fencing. It does not matter what type of material used, but the layout must be very important, specifically the post spacing.